MEET BAKER! Our New Best Friend and OFFICIAL Dog Cookie Taste Tester

Hi my name is Baker! I am a pitbull terrier and six months old. My owner is Best Friends Dog Bakery. I was adopted from Austin Pets Alive in Austin Texas.

I am SO excited to start sampling and taste testing new dog cookies!!! I’ll let you know what I think about the dog cookies we will be baking and choosing for flavors of the month.  I will also talk about shelters, toxic things dogs shouldn’t eat, what we can eat, new flavors coming out, my life as a bakery dog, and much more.

A few things to get to know me…

I love toys!  I didn't have my own toy in the shelter but I always dreamed of having my own.  NOW I HAVE SEVERAL!  I want to get toys for all of the other dogs at the shelter so they can know the amazingness of having a toy!  I'm talking to my Dog Mom about it and she's going to ask my shelter about it so fingers crossed from my paw friends out there. 

By the way, my favorite toy is a red toy that my bakery humans put dog cookies inside of with a little peanut butter...I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THAT TOY!!!  BUT I like all toys that squeak and bounce!  Balls are amazing!

One more tidbit - My Dog Mom calls a "Peanut Butter Head".  I think it means I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER but if my head IS peanut butter...THAT WOULD BE SO PAW-SOME!!!  I do like other treats here since my dog bakery also serves dogs that can't have peanut butter. 

If I don't like a's not going to be served here…yes, I’m that good at dog cookie taste testing!  You can trust my canine taste buds to pick great flavors each month for our bakery.

Message me or Best Friends Dog Bakery on Instagram if you want a certain dog cookie flavor baked here and I will let my baker humans know.  My bakery humans love dogs and their focus at the bakery is all about dogs and their owners  I like that and it makes me want to do a great job here as the OFFICIAL DOG COOKIE TASTE TESTER!

I also really care about all dogs out there just like my Dog Mom who is also the owner and Head Baker here.  Together with my bakery humans and Dog Mom, I'll be helping and sharing everything on the bakery blog and everywhere I can bark about how to help other paw friends stay safe and live a PAW-SOME life!