1. What makes Best Friends Dog Bakery treats great?
The process of how Best Friends Dog Bakery treats are made is exactly what sets it apart from others. All ingredients have been meticulously picked by our head bakery for every recipe. We only use fresh ingredients such as farm fresh eggs, locally sourced honey, fresh fruits and vegetables and Gluten-Free Flours.  Our dog cookie treats contain no soy, no wheat, and no corn. There are NO preservatives and our recipes are allergy-free.
2. What is the shelf-life of these treats?
We suggest our freshly baked treats stay refrigerated. Treats last 3-5 months in the refrigerator and up to a year in the freezer. Dogs can eat them straight out of the freezer as our barrier sealed bags keep the cookies fresh! Because there are no preservatives, they should not be left out on your counter.
3. How many treats are in a bag?
Each bag is 6 - 7.5 oz. Because the treats range in size, some treats will have about 14 treats in a bag (like PB&J bones) and others can have up to 60 treats (Paws Ahoy)!
4. What is in Best Friends Dog Bakery treats?  
Free-range chicken eggs, locally sourced honey, fresh fruits and vegetables, stone ground flours, oats, different nut butters, carob chips, and brown rice flour.
5. How dogs benefit?
The best treats are treats that keep your fur-baby from having an allergic reaction. The days of itchiness are gone.
6. Are they delicious?
Yes, they are! Check out the reviews to see just how much our customers love them.